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This always aesthetically striking material, considered to be semi-precious stone is, a sedimentary rock, a variety of quartz similar to calcedony. It is defined as an agata and has straight and parallel strips of different colours.

Its provenance is varied, the ones most appreciated come from countries like Mexico, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, though there are also quarries located in several other parts of the world.

Onyx is available in a wide range of colours. One could say that all are the colours are there- white, yellow, orange, pink, red, green, blue, brown and black.

What seem to be most in demand nowadays in the different markets of the world, are the ‘honey’ tone, i.e., the orange and yellow, because they are the colours that, when ‘retroilluminated’ (one of the main characteristics of this material) create a great visual impact. The white colour, too, is very popular, one could mention those that have golden incrustations, such as the white onyx from Iran.