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About Us

Morion ltd. has been founded since 1994 and it is stone processing enterprise with a lot of well made products and finished projects. Our engineers have a lot of experience with details made from stones. Our machines are from new age technology and they can make every order with accuracy to millimetre, very fast and according our client’s requirements.
Morion’s engineers are masters of stone made details such as: bathroom vanities, countertops for kitchen, bar plots, under-windows plots, stairs, facing for buildings, flooring, different architectural details and more.
The materials witch we are working with can vary from very low price to premium quality. We can delivery for your project first class granite, marble, limestone or technical stone from different places of the world.
The company products include wide range of application: slabs, indoor and outdoor stairs, suspended facades, luxury tables, offices tables, stone frames with electricity inside, fences, boards for terraces, different design for flooring and others interior and exterior designs.